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What is EDGAR?

Acquiring EDGAR Access Codes  

    •  I need all new codes

    •  I need to change or update some codes 

    •  I only have my CIK  

    •  I have a CIK as a Paper Filer, but need to convert to an Electronic Filer  

Defining EDGAR Access Codes


The Securities and Exchange Commission, or "SEC," requires filing of registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through the EDGAR filing system.

Below you will find an overview of EDGAR, information on how to acquire EDGAR access codes that allow you to file electronically, and the specific purposes of each EDGAR access code.

  What is EDGAR?

EDGAR stands for Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval. The SEC allows EDGAR filings in the following formats: HTML, ASCII, XML (including XBRL). Additional document types that are sent to the SEC include graphics (gif and jpeg) and PDFs (unofficial filings). Click here for a complete EDGAR overview, as presented by the SEC.

  Acquiring EDGAR Access Codes

I need all new codes.
Each person or entity that will file electronically with the SEC needs to apply for codes. This is done online via the SEC's Filer Management website. This process is started by filling out the Electronic Form ID. As found in the EDGAR Filer Manual, Volume I, Chapter 4.

I need to change or update some codes.
To change or update your existing codes, use the SEC's Filer Management website and follow the respective directions referenced below for what you would like to do.

Generating Replacement Access Codes:

I only have my CIK
If you do not have access to any of your private access codes (password, passphrase or PMAC). You will need to update your passphrase, then generate replacement access codes.

I have a CIK as a Paper Filer, but need to convert to an Electronic Filer.
If you are new to the electronic filing process, but have previously filed with the SEC in paper, you must use the Converting from Paper Filer to Electronic Filer functionality (See "Converting from Paper to Electronic Filer" in the EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume I, Section

You can find complete instructions for the SEC Filer Management website in "Becoming an EDGAR Filer" in the EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume I, Chapter 3).

  Defining EDGAR Access Codes

The Passphrase is the first code you create and it is used to generate all new access codes. It is confidential. The Passphrase must be eight characters. It is case sensitive and must contain at least one number and one special character (@, #, $, or *). Sample Passphrase: vx6$y!4v

Your Passphrase never expires, but can be changed if you are concerned about security. You will need to use your passphrase to reset your password every 12 months. You can also use it to reset your CCC, PMAC, and Password in the event your security is compromised.

In summary:


EDGAR Filer Manual, Volume I, Chapter 4: Generating EDGAR Access Codes

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Information for EDGAR Filers


EDGAR Filer Websites. Links and summaries of the various filing sites available.


EDGAR Portal: Your gateway to filing with the SEC


EDGAR filer website


Filer Management Website


To access the Filer Management Website FAQ, click the link Filer Management Website link above, click "Press Here to Begin," then click Frequently Asked Questions on the left side of the page.

EDGAR Company Database Search


The EDGAR company database is a subset of the data maintained by the EDGAR system and contains over 500,000 records. Filers may search for and view company information about various EDGAR filing entities; this information includes data such as company name, address, cik, and fiscal year end.